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How to control INSTEON KeyPadLinc scenes from different buttons


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I'm using my ISY to program an INSTEON KeyPadLinc 8 in my movie room and 1 button starts the dim the lights, another ends the show and raises the lights and those are mapped to buttons that activates a scene to start those activities.  When a press a button, like Movie Time, that button lights up and the scene is activated and the lights dim.  When the movie is over, I press the Show's Over button and the lights are raised but now that button and Movie Time are lit.   If I press one of the lit buttons to toggle the lit button off that usually reverses the lights.

Is there a way to program the buttons so an independent scene lights the button and subsequent buttons clear the previous button's state, turn off the lit button and proceed with running the scene?



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Add the show end button to the show start scene as a responder. Set it to 0%.  So when you press the show start it should turn off the show end button.  the only issue with this method in my mind is one button will always be lit. There are more complicated methods involving programs to solve that issue. Also set the buttons to non-toggle on. 



Edit - you might also be able to use button grouping but I've not done that. 

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To each his own but I don't know why people make things so complicated with complex and obscure Insteon scenes (from Hub experiences) when they have a smart box like ISY994.

Just create a single scene for each button LED and a program that turns on that scene on and off from the button signals. Each LED is individually controllable, and no complex cross switching logic is needed. If these LEDs were enabled to receive external signals properly, as other Insteon devices are,  no scene creation would be required at all.


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I can't speak for others but I want my scenes to work outside of the isy vs depending on the isy for every detail. That way, should my isy go bad, the main portion still works. 

In regards to the ops question, I create a scene with each device that I want to control in that scene. I then set the level that each device should be in when the scene is turned on. This includes other buttons that may control other scenes such movie, tv, game, apple TV, etc. Those buttons would be set to off. That way, when switching from scene to scene, each button is turned off accordingly. 

I then have programs which will turn the corresponding scene on that is geared to my remote and vice versa. 


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