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Options for US 220v appliances?

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Hello everyone,,

I have an electric heater in my detached garage that's on its own 20A, 240V outlet. Currently most of my stuff is pretty basic, I just have some echos and TPlink plugs and switches. I saw an insteon relay (2477SA1) that may work, but I was hoping there was something out there that would work over wifi and integrate with Alexa. Is there a better option as I don't want to start down the insteon road for a single device at the moment https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/https://192168ll.link/?

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Both the Normally Open and Normally Closed version of that module. Are discontinued from the information on the Insteon web site.

There are things like an ELK 9200. That has a 220 30 Amp relay in it and controlled by 120 volt module. Protocol of your choice. Though it is not a small case assembly size.




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