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ISY 99i Pro Looks Dead


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Hi Guys


I am a new ISY user, and I am now on my second one in 8 days.


First one arrived and I spent a few hours configuring and linking, made a backup (phew) tried to activate internet access and it died.


Technical Support was very helpful and we where able to determine it was dead (no response to a ping), well that can happen. Shipped it back to smart home for a new one.


Got the new one yesterday, set it up, restored the backup. It was working great, I enabled internet access and that worked too.


I installed the handy app for my iphone and got it all working over the internet, I was pretty pleased with the whole setup but still wary and added only one program to see if it would indeed turn my security lights off at dawn. And it did!


Started adding programs today, and now nothing can access it. Not the admin screen, not the iphone. It wont respond to a ping, but my DHCP controller sees it getting an IP and there are no error lights on.


Any help is appreciated!

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Hello UDNewUser,


I am so very sorry to hear about all the problems you are having. Please note that 2.7.0+ had a bug with SSL and, for sure, iLinc could cause it to crash.


The main question is whether or not reboot solves the problem. If the reboot solves the problem then I strongly recommend upgrade to 2.7.7 (please send an email to support@universal-devices.com). If the reboot does not solve the problem, then I must say that this is the first ever case that two units would just die irrecoverably.


When you reboot, what's sequence of LEDs do you see?


With kind regards,


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Hello UDNewUser,


I did send you couple of emails one of which was almost immediately after I received your email. Since I didn't hear anything back, I sent you another email after about 15 minutes and still didn't get anything back.


I also called you this morning but got the voicemail.


Please do be kind enough to call us so that we can get to the bottom of this issue as soon as possible.


With kind regards,


Hi again Michel


I sent an email off


Just to warn you my screen res is huge

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