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SOMFY Control


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I believe the EZFlora doesn't have a dry contact output.

I believe it uses a triac to switch the 24 volts AC from the transformer input to the individual outputs. Chart on the Smarthome sales page says 24 volts AC at 400 ma per output.


Some of the other Simplehomenet modules have dry contact outputs, but do some searching here. Their support from ISY depends on the firmware in the modules and which model module it is.


You may want to look at the Smarthome Kit and how they did it.

Not that I am endorsing their kit as I have no knowledge on how well it works. Just may give you some added information. The users quick start guide for the kit is on the page for you to look at. Their dry contact detector seems to have an added two pin wire.


http://www.smarthome.com/318276I/I-O-Li ... Kit/p.aspx

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