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Morning Industry RF Deadbolt - Remote Wiring


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Hello All,


Wasn't quite sure where to post this, but thought it could be handy for some of the forum DIYers.


I've been evaluating one of the Morning Industries RF deadbolts (QF-01P) for use in various locations throughout my home. The unit provides both keypad and RF (rolling code) lock/un-lock functions.


For my applications, I was interested in interfacing the RF remote to my ELK/ISY system for automatic locking. My family members appear to have a genetic deficiency that renders them incapable of locking doors.




The deadbolt itself appears to be of decent quality and construction as does the quality of the exterior plating. The exterior keypad also has a nice feel with good tactile feedback on the buttons (not mushy). The indoor assembly is rather large, but it does contain the motor drive and 4 AA batteries.


I've installed the unit on what is arguably the nastiest, most used door in the house - our garage entry.


Installation on the door was straightforward requiring only minor modification of the jamb plate to prevent binding. I should point out that this is a steel door with magnetic seals.


Doors that use compression seals would likely pose a problem with binding. Extensive modification of the jamb plate to prevent binding would leave the seals open.


The garage itself is unheated, but normally does not get below 20F during winter. So far this winter we've experienced our share of single digit weather and the lock has not skipped a beat. I was a bit concerned that the motor drive might stick in subzero whether. So far so good.


After a 3 month test drive of this unit, I decided to spring for the second half (on sale of course) - the RF interface. SH offers a IOLinc kit that interfaces 2 IOLincs to a Morning Industry RF remote. In this configuration, one of the IOLincs provides power (5V) and the unlock function (momentary contact) and the second provides the lock function (momentary).




My real reason for purchasing the Kit was to determine the wiring interface at the Keyfob. While I'm only planning on using the lock function, I was able to rationalize the kit by using the IOLincs for other applications. That basically gave me the keyfob and wiring for free (yep - I'm lazy).


So, that brings us to the entire point of this post - the wiring interface to the keyfob:




Note that in the photo above, the white wire is labeled "blue/white" in the SH diagram and performs the momentary lock function.


The black ground wire (difficult to see) connects to the middle terminal of the lower switch (right side).


With the Keyfob interfaced to the IOLinc, range to my deadbolt is impressive (over 30' and through the garage wall). I've been using this to automatically lock the garage door based on an ISY schedule (haven't interfaced to the Elk yet).


So far, the unit has been operating reliably and has coexisted with all the family members. I should not that my UPS man is not overly pleased - he's accustomed to the garage being unlocked.

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Hi Brian,


As I indicated, I thought I'd take the easy way out an let SH do the wiring for me. I figured I give forum members the benefit. The connections to the pwb actually look pretty good. Better than I could do given my current eyesight (even with a 10X loop). They even cleaned the flux off the pwb.


I didn't put up pictures of the "working sidie" of the pwb. A total of two small IC's and surface mount passives. It's amazing what you can do with house chips these days.


As a side note - I walked out into the garage this afternoon and found a box delivered by ups. My timer system unlocks the door for 15 minutes when my better half is due home. If she's late, she has to use the keypad (and she was late today).


Either my UPS guy is very good, or very lucky. Either way, I have half a mind to give him a call (all my friends will attest to the fact that I have half a mind).



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After 4 years of faithful service, my Morning Industries lock has finally begun to give up.


As noted above, the lock was installed on my garage entry which serves as the primary entry into the house. I would estimate that this lock was activated at least 20 times a day. It did not miss a beat (monitored by my ELK system) and functioned for over a year on a set of batteries.


It's final undoing was likely due to an snow dam that occurred last winter during our 120+" of snowfall. I didn't catch the water that was overflowing the gutters and draining into the door. The icing sprung the door and took out the threshold - I had to replace the door, but re-used the lock until this past week. Diss-assembly revealed that the gear drive is worn and loosing time. Obvious signs of water intrusion - likely from my snow dam event.


In short, I don't think this was the locks fault.


Plan to replace with a Schlage BE469 deadbolt so I can have key compatibility with my other locks. Hope it does as well.

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Thanks for the reply Gary,


I do plan to use the re-lock feature until I get the Zwave network up and running.


The 30 second re-lock does cause a problem - my better half goes out that door each morning to retrieve her paper. No way she can make the trip in under 30 seconds. Approval factor will take a dive until I can lock via Zwave.

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That's why there is a keypad on the outside.


I bit of perspective is in order. I have a security switch on the door and an inductive sensor for deadbolt confirmation. With the Morning lock, I would only lock the door xx minutes after is was closed. If the door remained open for over yy minutes, the ELK would being making announcements. If it was open for over ZZ minutes, the ISY would begin sending Email notifications.


Since the Schlage has no knowledge whether the door is open/closed, it will throw the bolt after 30 seconds in either case. I envision dinged woodwork etc, or a better half with mail/paper/etc and no free hands trying to punch in a code.


Trying to explain why a lock that costs $80 more has less functionality (for now) is not a conversation that I'm looking forward to. My best bet is to explain things to my daughter and use her as an intermediary. If anyone reading this says "chicken$#!t" - I agree. Just looking to maintain the family harmony.

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