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Hi, I just bought my first ISY-99i and I got it from Smarthome today. I am wanting to completely replace my Homeseer and have all my insteon/automation controlled by a nice small box. 8)


First, I did a search and couldn't find it. When something happens, I want to send a notification, but I need the subject and some more information in the body. For example, when someone rings my doorbell, I want an email notification with the subject "Doorbell!" and the body to say something like "Someone is at the door"


I am currently getting this message:




'Doorbell" (5 7D 4A 5)' Status set to On at 12/23/2009 23:43:35.




At: 12/23/2009 23:43:35

Program: Doorbell

Device: Doorbell (5 7D 4A 5)

Action: Status

Value: On


But want to know if there is a way to change it to how I want notifications to be read.




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