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Polisy with Z-Wave Zooz dongle


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My first try to add a Z-Wave device to my Polisy with a Zooz dongle is failing because of security problem.

The Z-Wave device is detected right away but then I get a message :

   The Z-Wave network failed to securely (S0) add your device

   Please remove the device and try adding it again.

Which I did several times with the same result.

The device is a Zooz 4 in 1 sensor with motion temp etc.

Any insight as to what is happening?

Update 1:  It looks like the device may have been previously owned and was paired to another system.  Doing a factory reset fixed the problem then a double click initiated adding properly.

Update 2: If you live in Canada you know we use Celsius, not Fahrenheit.  Fortunately the 4-in-1 can be set to C by changing the parameter settings and writing them to the device, which does work with a bit of effort.  Unfortunately the device has a scheduled wake up  (12 hrs default) which for some reason resets the device back to default value of F.

I contacted the manufacturer and they pointed to the Polisy as the problem ... of course.  I suggested selling a 4-in-1 device with Celsius as a default given most of the world use the metric system.

Thank you for the update. We haven't seen issues with switching one scale to another on different platforms such as SmartThings or Hubitat which are the most popular systems used by our customers so this seems a problem specific to ISY. If it keeps switching back to Fahrenheit for you, we would recommend consulting ISY tech support if they can identify anything on the back end causing this.

I'm currently debating returning it for another sensor.

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