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System Information - Indicates Bad Memory??


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It's been quite a while since I touched the Polisy due to competing project demands. I had a few moments to review some of the ongoing threads as it relates to the current state and best practices to get ISY to Polisy. The Polisy is currently running 5.3.0 and the hardware is running version 2.2.13 / front end 2.2.9-5 which is connected to my Z-Wave test box running 5.0.16C as I have not upgraded that controller with the latest 5.XX Z-Wave card.

Regardless, once the Polisy showed up on the finder the system indicates there is a crazy block of bad memory?!? Also to offer some more clarity Michel as always was gracious enough to help me a few months back in replacing a bad eMMc card on the Polisy.

I'm not sure if this new eMMC card could really have so many bad sectors given the controller has been fired up only a handful of times and shut down properly via the dashboard.

If others can check their systems to see if the same / not is present it would be very helpful. As if its a simple display bug I'll just carry on until such time as this is fixed. If on the other hand this is not a display bug but a sign of a pending drive failure I rather have this addressed before the big push to migrate!



System Info - Bad.PNG

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