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ISY Admin Console Disable Device question


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In Admin Console when you Disable a device, does it actually WRITE anything to the device?  In other words, does the device need to be plugged in?, or does it just flag it in Admin Console (and possibly write it to the PLM) to not look for that device on Admin Console startup?

I've searched for this but haven't found anything.  The issue is around the holidays I normally add a lot of devices to control lights and then take them down and pack them up for next year.  And I inevitably Forget to disable them from Admin Console.  Every time I open Admin Console I get the list of dialogs saying it can't find device X, etc.  It comes down to, can I just Disable them in Admin Console, or do I physically need to have the devices plugged in at that time too?  I'm Guessing its the former.


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@JWBDolphins I did exactly the same thing this year. I don’t think it’s trying to write anything to the device. I disabled an outdoor plugin device and the ISY994 doesn’t squawk about not being able to reach it when I load admin console.  

So just disable them and you won’t get those notices anymore. Doesn’t seem to impact anything else.

Remember to also disable any programs calling on those devices!


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