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New ISY 99i Pro, and problems


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Hi, I just got my ISY99i and all works very well, except for two things.


I bought an EZSnsRF & Dakota Transmitter. I was able to get the device recognized by the ISY99i, but it does not report any on/off status, and I can't get it to work in a program. If I use it it a scene, it works most of the time but the responders in the scene do not update their on/off status.


Also, using an IRLinc (2411R), it works great except for the single Scene Activation buttons (from the CC remote), they change their status to On when pressed, and remain on forever.


Any help with these items wold be appreciated.


Firmware version 2.7.7

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Hi jbwood1,


Would you be kind enough to post to this topic for your EZSnSRF:

http://forum.universal-devices.com/view ... ht=ezsnsrf


I am hoping that the author of this topic can better help you since we do not know the behavior of the latest firmware for EZSnSRF.


As far as your IRLinc, please note that you can set the IRLinc buttons as non-toggle which means that they will ALWAYS either send On or Off. If you want the buttons (single scene) to be toggle, then you will have to follow the instructions on their user guide when adding the node to ISY. I am so very sorry I cannot be of further assistance here.


With kind regards,


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