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NodeLink v0.11.2 - Honeywell 20p + EVL4 - Request Failed when trying to arm/disarm


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This is the second EVL4, Vista 20p, and ISY 994 setup I'm doing for my second home.  Mine at home is working great, but it's been a few months since I got it set up, so I must be missing something.

The 'Disarm, Arm Stay' etc. buttons for partition 1 are there, but the ISY console gives a 'Request Failed' after about 10 seconds.

Nodelink seems to have everything else in place with the ISY.  All of my zones are visible, and report status as they open and close...  I've compared Nodelink and ISY configs between both systems and all look good.  All I can think of is that I missed something in the 20p configuration for the EVL4?  *21 quick arm is already set, that tripped me up the last time.

Thanks all.

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