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SeriaLinc and ISY991


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I have just installed a SeriaLinc into an existing ISY99i based system.

I would now like to control that SeriaLinc using the ISY.


Is there any current way to do this?

If not, is there a plan to support this device in the future?


Thank you,


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Hi Paul,


Currently there's no support for SeriaLinc. Future support purely depends on the number of requests to support this device. Currently - and including you - we have only had 2 requests in the past 9 months.


With kind regards,


Make that three! :D


Thanks so much,


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Please Please Please, Help with this device. I'm new to insteon and for several months now Ive been designed an apple based system using an Isy99pro, a 2413 dual band modem, (4) dual band lamp linc's, (90)insteon dimmers, (4)I/O linc's for gates and garage doors, (4) thermostats and also (4) Ir linc's which I'm using for iphone control of 4 separate home theater systems(including cable tv, blu ray, apple tv, Av receiver and projector or flat panel control. All of this I have managed to get working very well. Now Im trying to control two xantech mrc 88 amps. which I'm using for 14 zones of whole house audio. I have had some success using a smartlinc as my controller, but I have failed with getting it to link with Isy. I have an intellix hdmi distribution system on stand by that i need to control via 232 as well. Any help at all would really be appreciated. Thank you for the help you provided me with port forwarding my apple router.

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