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X10 devices stop working after upgrade to 5.3.4


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I upgraded from 4.9.0 to 5.3.4

Following the upgrade instructions.

Everything seems to migrate okay, except that my X10 devices are not working.  Example, turing on and of a light using ISY admin panel. 

I notice that the X10 values (example "C2") are on the main screen when I display a list of all network devices.

I notice that the X10 code value (house/unit) such as "C1" is not displayed at the top of the screen when I look at the individual device screen.  Only the hex number ID number associated with the linked item is shown. 

I also have some devices connected to an Insteon 2450 PLM (motion sensors), and these also are missing the house/unit code as well.system_shots_config_2022-02-12_134124.thumb.jpg.95bf5f94ee003792d04cc6124beabc06.jpg

How do I get the X10 working again?





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After running a link scan (via admin console LinkManagement->Advanced Options, my ISY scanned the network devices. Apparently some repair was managed!

The individual device display stays the same, but now I can turn on and off various X10 devices, except for those connected via the Insteon 2450 PLM .  These are X10 motion sensors.

Any ideas on how to get these working again?

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I was able to get my PLM working (inlcuing the motion sensors conencted with it) by using the Admin Console File->restore Modem (PLM).

On some of my programs, I had to re-save them (click Save option) to make them operational.

I very much appeciate the documentation for updating my ISY to v5.3.4


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