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Having problems upgrading ISY 994ZS PRO to 5.3.0

Old Surfer Dude

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I am trying to upgrade my ISY994ZS PRO:363408639_ISY994ZSPROhelpabout.png.23b96575a37ac95984024700c3839699.png

I found this page  which instructed me to download this file ISY 994i ZW, Z, or ZS Series (Z-Wave/Zigbee and/or if you do NOT have a PLM). It is a zip file. I click on Help->Manually->Manually Upgrade ISY->[OK]->[YES]->(find folder, modify name)->[Save]->choose Upgrade File->[Open] and then I get the error "Upgrade Failed :Invalid or incompatible upgrade file".   I tried both 5.3.0 and 5.3.4.

Clearing the Java cache (Control Panel=>Java=>[Settings]=>[Delete Files]) did not help.

I have a second ISY994i with both IR and Z-Wave.1172624097_ISY994iIR(redacted).png.483a17dee4adc5b6493f3e40da45458a.png  I ran the above steps, re-installing 5.3.0 which was successful.

I had I noticed that on the previously linked page that one should upgrade to 5.3.2.  In searching for that release, I found a page that had a link to 5.3.4

I found this link to attempt with 5.2.0 -- No Joy.



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