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ISY on Polisy and PG3


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Please excuse the ignorance.  I have done a lot of searching in this forum, but I am still confused about what I should do next. I restored my I ISY backup to the ISY on Polisy.  Everything works great.  Now I want to install local node servers.  I assume that is why I bought the Polisy when Polyglot online stopped working?  I uninstalled the old nodes including the ISY portal node.  I assume that is what I was supposed to do as they all point to PG1?  Anyways, I log into my PG3 node server and I see two items at the top that I am not sure what to do with.  First, there's the Install Local Nodeserver.  I thought that is what Polisy was.  Second, a drop-down that has Production Store, Non-production Store, and Local store.  What does that mean.  Listen, if I missed some help documentation somewhere, feel free to reply with that and nothing else.  The lack of documentation, or at least my perception of it is becoming very frustrating.  Please, put me in my place.  At least I might have some hair left.

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12 hours ago, rskirch said:

Second, a drop-down that has Production Store, Non-production Store, and Local store.  What does that mean.

Most users will want the production store. There is a Non-production (or "test") store for developers to use before nodeservers are released.... "local store" and "install local nodeserver" would also be used primarily by developers.  "Install local nodeserver" is about installing a nodeserver from local files.  

In all cases as a user, you will want to use the "production store"

12 hours ago, rskirch said:

I uninstalled the old nodes including the ISY portal node.

The ISY portal node is used with nodeservers.  This cloud based node does still work, it's not part of PGC.


to @Michel Kohanim and @bpwwer:  Perhaps the interface should default to a "user mode" which steamlines the interface and hides all the features present for developers, then in the polyglot options a checkbox to select "developer mode" which then exposes.

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The node server store support is currently in-flux as I work to improve it.  

One of the goals is to eventually remove the 'install local node server' button in favor of installing from the 'local store'. This will make the process for developers be as close as possible to the same process users will use to install node servers.

However, with the current release, there isn't any way to get node servers into the local store.  That's what I've been working on for a few days now.

While the local store is primarily intended for developers, it can also be used to provided pre-loaded nodes servers on the Polisy so that some node servers may be available even if the Polisy doesn't have an external network connection or the cloud based node server store is down for some reason.

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8 minutes ago, rskirch said:

Thank you both for your response.  Question, should I re-install the ISY Portal Node.  If so, I don't remember how I did it in the first place.

I don't know what that node server does so I don't know. 

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