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Scenes vs. Programs


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I setup a scene called "Party" which controls a set of lights, all at different on levels. To set the on levels of the individual lights, I clicked on the scene in the main tab of the ISY 99i GUI and start sliding the sliders accordingly. I have an 8-button KL with a dedicated "Party" button, so I made this the controller of the scene.


I touch the "Party" button and all the correct lights come on but the all come on at 100%, ignoring their respective on levels I set up.


Out of frustration I setup a program as follows which achieves the desired affect:


Control '2F Living, 8KP, Party' is switched On



Set Scene '2F Living 8KP, Party' On



- No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')



:?: So here's my question: What is the point in having scenes if you have to put a program to make them operated as intended? I thought that by putting the Party button as the controller it would control the scene with the scene's settings... Am I missing something here?


Thanks in advance! :D

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You would have to adjust the sliders for each controller in that scene. Controllers are in red. Alternatively, you can adjust everything at the scene level and then copy the attributes to each controller.


In short, for what you need to do, you should use scenes and NOT programs.


You might find more useful information here:

http://www.universal-devices.com/mwiki/ ... ide#Scenes


With kind regards,


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To add to the thoughts of Mr Kohanim, I think what you are experiencing is the feature that allows one to set different on levels and ramp rates, depending on which controller is used to initiate the scene. When you click on the scene in the main tab of the ISY, the on- and ramp-rates will be set for when the scene is activiated by the ISY,.


If you want to set the rates for when the scene is activated by your party button, expand the scene so that it shows the devices within, click on the party button, and set the sliders to your taste. Note that you can set them different than the master scene levels if this is desirable to you. Note that you can set them different for each controller within the scene, so that different buttons can activate different levels. Finally, you can choose the button that allows you to copy scene attributes from the main scene.


While initially this may seem overly complicated, it is, to me, a nice feature giving extra flexibility in the control of your system.

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