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Thermostat adaptor v.2 problem


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I just got 3 new version 2.0 thermostat adaptors. 2 of them are set up fine, but one of them I'm having problems with.


After trying to initially set up the device straight out of the box, I got an error saying it failed writing high water mark to the device or something like that.


I did a factory reset, and now the device appears as 4 devices under the ISY. The devices are



xx.xx.xx-cool control

xx.xx.xx-heat control

xx.xx.xx-fan control


It won't let me group these devices ala the KPL's and Remotelincs. If I try to remove one of these "devices," it removes them all. The xx.xx.xx-main device seems to work fine at controlling the thermostat as it is supposed to.


I had run the add device using the "auto discover" mode. When I go back after factory reset and tell it that it is a 2441V thermostat adaptor, it seems to sync fine and be working normally.

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Hi ryarber,


Indeed removing one will remove all. You need all these nodes for everything to work properly. I am not sure why you cannot group them ...


Please note that in order to link these devices, you have to make sure that they are in the OFF position (clicking the mode button till you see off on the display). Please remove them all, factory reset, make sure the thermostat is in the off position, and then try Link Management | Start Linking.


With kind regards,


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