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Problem that I need help


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I had the D button on my 4 KPL running my IO LINC to open my garage door.


It was all working okay, and then it stopped working. When I hit the D button's on all the KPL the lights just flash a few times and nothing happens. I have the button's set in a non-toogle and they are the controllers of the IO LINC.


I also have it set that the KPL D light is on when the garage is open, and that program is working fine.


Any ideas?



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It is only about 6 feet from a KPL, and I can see the light blinking. What I might be able to do is take an extension cord and plug it near the KPL and give it a try.


To make this even more weird, when the garage is open I can close the garage with any of the KPL, but still can't open it.

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Hi again, thanks.


I think that would be an excellent test.


I am not sure why you cannot close your IOLinc but we'll take this one step at a time. First, we have to figure out why your KPLs blink ... once we have that resolved, then we'll figure out what else is going on with the setup.


With kind regards,



Do you think 2.7.9 might be my problem?

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Two thoughts FWIW:


1) Have you tried just doing a device restore from the ISY on the KPL and IOLincs (and anything else in the scene)? This frequently fixes up this sort of problem.


2) Garages typically imply fluorescent lighting, or CFLs in the garage door opener sometimes. This can cause all sorts of marginal noise issues for Insteon - things can work then not work then suddenly start working again - and it can drive you totally off your rails. If you do have fluorescent lighting just make sure it's off when you're testing - as long as there's no active load there can't be any noise issue.

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I removed the KPL and IO LINC and re-installed.


I redid the program per the Wiki page and I get the following.


Can not open the garage by pressing the D button.


Can close the garage when the Status Light D is on the KPL.


I was playing around with the toggle vs non toggle. When in non toggle can open the garage, but need to push the D button twice to close the garage.


I am wondering if I have the IO LINC set wrong for something?

Any more ideas for me to check?

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