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LED rope light controller


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I am installing RGB LED rope lights, and am looking for a programmable controller that I can somehow connect to my ISY. Of course, I could easily plug a rope light controller into a controlled outlet to simply turn it on and off, but I want to be able to more. I want to programatically adjust R G and B values, execute controller effects and sequences, and more.


I have seen controllers that support DMX512, but have not found a way to connect X10 or Insteon to those.


Has anyone had any experience with this one?




-- Ben

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Do you need to fade between channels?


If the answer is no, it looks like you may be able to use something like the EZIO40. It has four output relays that appear to support up to 30 VDC that look like they can be on simultaneously. Additionally, I believe that this model works well with the ISY.


This device would be used instead of the DMX Decoder you linked in your post.


I qualify my statements because I haven't personally used this device, so hopefully others with experience could chime in if I'm wrong.

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Michele, can you explain how the ISY could integrate with the global cache devices?


Brad, interesting, so you're suggesting powering the LEDs directly and bypassing any controller. The voltages align, the LED strips needs 12V DC. But, may be worth experimenting.




--- Ben

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