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Continuing to fight SL's which are intermittent


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Smarthome wanted to start with replacing my 2443 access points, the old ones were Rev 1.0, the new ones 2.0. Find the new ones to be very light compared to the old ones. Anyone had any issues with the 2.0's?


The new ones did not help with my intermittent issues, even tired putting the old ones around in addition to the new ones. So back to SH for more replacements. (SL's v35)

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I was wondering how you're doing with the intermittent issues... have you solved it yet?


I have newer ones and they work fine. I think the weight change has to do with they changed the circuitry (guessing power supply circuits) so they don't have as many heavy components in them now plus they tend to be a bit cooler to the touch now too.

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The new V2 revision is completely different than the 1.? units. Mine are 1.0 and 1.6.

There are internal photos in the FCC database of the V2 units.


After taking the V1.0 apart.

Yes power supply is different.

Old version power transformer.

New version power line driven switching supply.

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Sorry for the slow response.


The new access points worked fine, but I ended up replacing all my v.35's, even the ones which were not giving any issues. That made the biggest difference.


I also ran into the fact that I had a new central ac unit installed which was putting noise on the lines whether running or not. Ended up putting a filter on both sides of the 220 line which took care of that.


Currently my system is running fine, sort of hate to say that out loud.


Thanks for your concern and input.

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I too just got done replacing all V.35's, though mine were mostly Togglelinc relays. Night 'n day difference. I'd say it's the first step in troubleshooting.


I'm glad I read about the problem on this forum. Last time I checked there were at least half a dozen threads discussing some aspect of this. Might be good to do a stickie.



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