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SSL Certificate problem


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I've read a few other posts on this and have come to realize that I'm a bit confused on this. I was trying to logon to my ISY from my work computer using an external IP address. I was able to logon to my ISY at work at one point, but when I got on it gave me a popup about how my lack of an SSL Cert was a security risk. So I went here:




clicked and installed a self-signed SSL Certificate by entering in my.external.ip.address. When I went back to my https://my.external.ip.address:443/admin, I get an error popup that reads something like this:


"XML Parse Error my.external.ip.address"


and a second one something like:


"Socket Open Failed Java.lang.Nullpointerexception"


and my admin console never loads. I'm not really sure what to make of this other than my self-signed SSL cert sorta messed things up. I assume having SSL (single socket layer?) certificates is better than not, but not when it makes my admin console unusable.


Please forgive me if I may be a bit rusty on my internet security knowledge, but I'd like a little help on how to solve this, thanks in advance.[/img]

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Hi delston,


Apologies for the lack of clear documentation on this.


The first thing is to note that you can only install the SSL certificate if and only if you are local to your ISY.


Secondly, please note that installing 2.7.10 caused ISY to reload the default certificate. In which case, you will have to reinstall the new certificate.




Which URL did you use to install the certificate?


With kind regards,


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