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KPL Scene Wierdness


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I have a KPL in my guest bath (6 Button). I have a scene setup on button C called nightlight that turns on the load (a light) at 20%. The local level on the Load Button itself it 100%. If the light is off pressing C will turn on the light at 20%. If the light it on it will dim to 20%. Press the load ON button will either turn the light on full if off, or bring it up to full from 20%. This has worked fine for over a year.


Now tonight I hit the load ON button and the light turned on at 20% not 100% as expected. Button C still performs as expected. I checked the ISY and the local on level for the KPL load is still listed at 100%. What's up?


I am on version 2.7.10 firmware. I upgraded a week or so ago and this light was functioning fine until tonight.


I was able to fix the action of the load button by changing the local on rat to 90% then back to 100%. I'm just trying to figure what happened.

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