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thermostat not showing up


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I'm following the installation instructions for this node server but after the part where you log in to the Honeywell Home account, I'm not seeing my Honeywell WiFi thermostat. All that shows up is my Honeywell Video Camera. I understand that some Thermostat won't be compatible but how do I know this is the case? Is there a list of compatible model numbers somewhere?

I have a Model RTH8580WF

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I recently moved into a new residence and updated a good bit of the old technology in the house (e.g., thermostats, smoke/co2 detectors, etc.).  The HoneywellHome Node server was working in my prior residence where I had TH9320WF5003 thermostats installed and was using PG2, but the thermostats (RTH9585WF) installed in the new residence do not show up when I go through the process to CONNECT devices via the Honeywell Home site (see attached screenshot) using PG3. 

I tried chatting with their thermostat support folks online, but they didn't really have any insight or information on API access.  I also tried emailing developerinfo@resideo.com (on 12/19) to see if they could provide some insight or indication of when this device might be supported for API access, but either they are somewhat non-responsive or perhaps they took a lot of time off around the holidays. 

If the situation changes or I ever get a response from their developers I'll post an update, but if you are looking to integrate RTH9585WF thermostats via the HoneywellHome Node Server beware.  Interestingly, there's been a pretty big push on selling this model lately, including attractive prices as well as rebates from the regional energy company.



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