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Unable to use a Favorite Type of "Switch Widget" with an On/Off Switch


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Hi @Javi - When creating Favorites on iOS, I have successfully created Switch Widgets for dimmers such as the 2477D, but it is not working for On/Off Switches (2477S and 2487S).  As soon as I change the Favorite Type from "Default" to "Switch Widget", an error dialog appears.  After dismissing the error, the "Display Status" changes to "REQUIRED!".  Attempting to select "Status" for the "Display Status" does not work.  The only remedy is to reset the "Favorite Type" to back to "Default".  Screen shots are attached.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this not working correctly?




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Hi @mapeter,

Will add this to our wiki soon, but having image upload issues.


A widget requires both a status value and a command linked to a status value. Not all commands are linked to a status value by default, however users may be able to change a command parameter within UD Mobile to allow widgets.

Open the Node's Dashboard and locate the status and command which should be linked. In the image below the "Status" value is not clickable, but we want it to be linked to the "On" command. If the command has 3 dots to the right of the command select the 3 dots, if not select the command. Note that the command must accept a range of value (i.e. 0 - 100) to be linked to a status.

Click the edit (pencil) icon at the top of the Editor Range Dialog.

If the "INIT" (initialize) value is missing click the "INIT" section. Note that if this value is not empty synchronizing UD Mobile will return this value to its default state, if the value is empty the new value will persist during synchronization.

Click the Status value which should be linked to the selected command. In the screenshot below the Status value is named "Status".

The "INIT" value should now show the selected Status Value.

Backout to the Node's Dashboard. The status value is now clickable and will accept Widgets.


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29 minutes ago, mapeter said:

Appreciate the help.  It is working now.

Any thoughts as to why dimmers have the INIT prepopulated with Status but not on/off switches?

It is defined in firmware and on our list to fix.  I believe UD Mobile is the first application to use the INIT values as intended so we only noticed the issue when Widgets where implemented.  Using INIT values allows Node Server to have the same functionality without UD Mobile hard coding values for each Node Server.

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1 hour ago, mapeter said:

Hi @Javi - I think I found a similar issue with a Z-Wave dimmer.  I cannot figure out how to set the INIT value, however.  Screenshots below.

I tapped on the three dots next to "On"...

Please send me a PM with a copy of the backup file as I don't own devices which accept multiple params for ON.

Currently only commands which accept a single parameter are supported with widgets.  We may be able to find a work around for multiple params. However we are over a month out for new features due to new hardware releases.

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