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Constant X10 Chatter in Event Viewer


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I am running current releases of IoP with just Insteon (no PG2 or 3 modules etc.) I am looking at the event viewer and ever second to two it says it is receiving a status message, reads as follows over and over non-stop:

Wed 12/14/2022 09:50:39 PM : [X10-RX      ] 02 52 FF 80

Wed 12/14/2022 09:50:39 PM : [             X10]       J/Status = off (2)

Wed 12/14/2022 09:50:40 PM : [X10-RX      ] 02 52 FF 80

Wed 12/14/2022 09:50:40 PM : [             X10]       J/Status = off (2)

Wed 12/14/2022 09:50:42 PM : [X10-RX      ] 02 52 FF 80

Wed 12/14/2022 09:50:42 PM : [             X10]       J/Status = off (2)

Wed 12/14/2022 09:50:43 PM : [X10-RX      ] 02 52 FF 80

I don't seem to have any devices with ID 02 52 FF 80 so not sure where this could be coming from unless it's a failed device. If I understand correctly, this is X10 traffic but I have no X10 devices plugged in (I have 2 but unplugged them to eliminate them as source if this).

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

If it's a failed device and suggestions on how to track down which device?




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I had a similar problem after moving to Polisy/IoP but do not know if the move was the cause. All I can say is that I never had the problem with my old iSY. All my audio and network equipment is in a homerun wired closet. I noticed I was getting flooded with X10 traffic, even though I have no X10 devices. I was able to isolate most of the problems to my audio amplifier. If I unplugged it, most of the problems went away. Luckily, I was able to relocate the Polisy and PLM to a closet far away. All my X10 messages went away. All I can guess is the Polisy is very susceptible to electrical noise.

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02 52 is an X10 signal received message. As you thought.  House Code J is a message with all 1 bits on.

It maybe possible you have a power line noise maker causing a false receive of all 1 bits.

If you have any holiday devices this time of year. You may want to unplug them temporarily.  If you moved any exciting electronics you may want to disconnect them and see if anything changed. If some of your modules can have a the set LED flash on receiving a message. That could also give you a clue. Flashing with the noise makers added noise.

It is the PLM sending and receiving power line messages. Back and forth to the ISY994i and I would think it would also be what sends and receives messages to a Polisy. Not to much on Insteon RF as that is 915 MHz and the PLM does not receive X10 RF 310MHz.

If you have the X10/A10 firmware add on. I believe it assigns a Insteon address to it. When I was using the add on.

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Thanks for the ideas. I switched out the PLM and the issue has gone away. Soooo.... could be the PLM failed (caps were replaced not that long ago but who knows) or perhaps that one was more susceptible to power line noise. I will have to experiment to see if any recent holiday plug-ins are causing an issue. Thanks for the tips to help track it down.

Erik N

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1 hour ago, rick.curl said:

I have exactly the same issue, and, like you, I am seeing the traffic from 02 52 FF 80 a couple times a second. I don't have a spare PLM. Should I try to get one? I wonder if anyone else is seeing the same thing.  

UPDATE: I unplugged and re-plugged the PLM and the extra traffic is GONE!  Hope it stays that way.

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