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unable to find firmware for ISY 994i/IR PRO

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I would like to update my ISY 994 to v5.x.

When I go to system tab under v4.9.0, there is nothing related to automatically updating packages. This means I can only do a manual update.

I have been searching for firmware all over, but am unable to find it anywhere!?


Can you please point me to the right place from which I can download the fw.

thank you,


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@LMorhac Make sure you read all the steps in the process up updating to 5.3.4 (as linked above). 

The most important part might be an unmentioned step of copying all current programs to a text document (plain text - like Notepad on Windows). Right click on the root directory of the program tab and the last option is "Copy to Clipboard". Paste that into notepad. This way if you have any program problems following the update you have a copy of everything you had.

Be sure you make specific note of what programs you might have disabled. Many found that during the update all programs became active again and needed to be set to disabled if they were previously. 

Allow yourself a good bit of time to READ the directions before you proceed. Then you can follow along as you work the process. 


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