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Can't get a clear undestanding


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I want to move from my Polisy to the Eisy.  

I got as far as setting up the eisy in portal and remembered the last time I had dead hardware.  

So a few questions.  

Despite the fact I can't get the PG3 to see the IoX and adding it manually doesn't help, how will we move our purchased node servers to the new Eisy from the Polisy.  They show up as different devices in my.isy.io.  

How do we migrate all the Amazon / Google and other integrations from the portal to the new Eisy.

Can we use the zooz 700 stick with the Eisy?  Is it as simple as after we restore the Eisy from the Polisy, you plug in the PML and ZooZ stick and it should work?

I can't get auto discover to work on the network.  I end up having to add it to the launcher manually and if I restart I have to re-add it again (after delete) or it never detects the version.

In ISY portal is says version is 5.5.0. I the about page it says it is 5.4.5.  Again, can't get pg3 to see the ivy and setting up localhost:8080 or or even the ip address:8080 seems to work.

Anyone have any luck migrating off a policy to the eisy.


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There isn't yet a migration process to migrate from a Polisy to an eisy.  That feature is not yet in the PG3 version included with the eisy. 

The initial release was designed to be setup as a new system, not replace an existing system.  The ability to restore a PG3 backup and migrate nodes/licenses is currently my highest priority.

PG3 not recognizing the local IoX sounds like a bug. If it's not allowing you to add it, that probably means it is already in the database and you can't have duplicate entries in the database.  It is just that the UI is not able to get that records from PG3.

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