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Aeotec Siren 6


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I am using it with the Polisy and Zmatter board, currently running IoX 5.6.4. I originally got it to be a repeater but every once in a while someone moves it or closes the cabinet it's in with too much force and then it goes off. But it just works.

Are you having trouble adding it or thinking of buying one?

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Thanks for the reply. When you say "goes off", do you mean that it stops working/communicating or that the siren sounds?

This would be a new device. Mainly looking for something for low volume notifications rather than a high volume siren, but the Aeotec seems to have enough options for that purpose. I don't really like the wall wart idea (I think I saw that the previous generation was a plug-in). In general, I'm not finding a lot of alternatives. Ecolink has one and I found a few other knock-offs, but the Aeotec seems to be the most popular.

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