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Scheduled Restart Available for PG3?

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@gregkinney randomly rebooting to try to restart node servers is not a suggested "solution" to the problem. Best to narrow down what node servers are giving you issues and troubleshoot why they're acting up. 

1st step is making sure you are on the latest version of PG3. Are you running Polis or eisy? Are you on PG3 or PG3x? 

If on eisy and not on PG3x 3.2.1 then you need to upgrade to that and then REINSTALL all node servers (it's a menu option, and in the instructions found in the announcement post for 3.2.1). 

From there you should focus on one giving you issues, put that node server log into debug and then restart the node server. After it settles download the log and contact the developer of that node server either by posting in that area or perhaps via forum PM. Sending them the log privately is best to get them to review it specifically to your issues.

If the developer of your problem node servers is not active on the forums then submit a ticket to UDI and include the logs with the support ticket and maybe they can help identify what's causing them to fail regularly. 



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2 hours ago, gregkinney said:

Do I need to upgrade to pg3x?

It's not a given to go directly to PG3x, but that is indeed the only one that is currently being updated. 

For the Polisy running PG3 the current version appears to be 3.1.21. So confirm you are running that version at least. Moving to PG3x means that if you have any PG2 node servers still running that you will lose those as PG3x removes PG2 from the Polisy. 

You still haven't said which node servers are giving you trouble. It might be best, since you haven't provide enough detail to really help troubleshoot your issue further, to open a support ticket and get help that method rather than multiple forum messages to not get much further into the issues you are having.

You can read more about the process of updating to PG3x on the Polisy User Guide in the wiki. 


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@Geddy I greatly appreciate your help. I will consider your suggestions, and if I decide to navigate the route you have proposed, I will not be doing it through forum posts. I will open a ticket or write the developer of the subject nodes. However, I would like to point out that the subject of this forum post was to see if anyone was scheduling restarts of their PG3. Since posting this, I have written a python script that is now rebooting it nightly.

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