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'Say' feature display/functionality issues


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I customized some phrases for the 'Say' feature but phrases 0-9 show up blank in the program action. It does work with the phrase if I run the program but it's going to hard to debug later when I have a bunch of these.

Also, while it looks like I could have up to 49 phrases, only 9 can be configured. 



I tried adding a 10th but it does not stay. Goes back to only 9 on PG3 UI page and selecting 10 in a program after adding text did not work. (I thought maybe it saved it and simply just didn't display it but no, it's not saved either.)



Edit: running ST-Sonos 1.0.10 and PG3x 3.2.2 on Polisy with IoX 5.6.4


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Update: Looks like either a NS restart, or an AC restart, or both, and/or the passage of time pushed some of the the phrases out to IoX. I now see phrase 0 and 1 in program action. Not yet phrases 2 and above but maybe some more restarts and/or the passage of time will solve that?

So it may only leave only the issue of adding phrases 10-49 and having them get saved/displayed (and hopefully passed along to ISY). I'm not in need of them in the short term as I experiment with use of this feature but it's certainly possible I'll want more than 9 in the not too distant future if it works as well as I'm imagining/hoping it will.

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Yes, for the first issue, "both" restarts was the correct answer PLUS some passage of time. It's not instantaneous.

Looks like the NS was only built to support 10 phrases according to https://github.com/simplextech/pg3_docs/tree/main/ST-Sonos, so strange that there are 50 slots to select from in ISY.

I (and others, it seems) don't have that many use cases yet but maybe adding support for more than 10 phrases (which does appear possible in the PG3 UI) could be on a request list if any such thing exists. In the meantime, it would be a good UX idea to remove any entries in AC or buttons in PG3 if that are not usable. Would save people some time.


Thanks for considering these things.


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