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Scope of discovery for Roku devices

Scott Korvek

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I've installed the Roku nodeserver and it's not finding my devices.  My first thought is that it's limiting its search to as /24 subnet matching the polisy. I have a segmented network with the media services on their own subnet.  Currently I'm not using complicated VLAN rules to restrict traffic, but that's the plan (when I can get SONOS to play nicely with that.) Security devices and automation on one, IOT on another, trusted devices, media devices, servers, etc. all segregated. Am I correct in my assumption and is there any way to specify the IPs to use? I have DHCP reservations for these devices so it's not like they will change once discovered.




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ok thanks. From perusing the code, seems like you're leaning on https://github.com/CCecilia/Roku-Scanner for the discovery.


Wondering if I could rewrite the nodeserver to use config variables to essentially create the output of a discovery instead of running one. After all we know the serial #s and IP addresses. Channels are another thing though.

I'll have time to do that long after these devices are obsolete.


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