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Setting Sensibo Node to F


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I am running this on PG2 because it is my church and we have a 994i there and don't have any near term intention of getting an eisy.  I have Sensibo set to F on the phone app, but the node is in C.  I don't see any instructions for either PG2 or 3 on switching to F.  Can I do this?


EDIT:  I found in some q and a area that it is supposed to follow the units that ISY is set for.  My ISY is set for USCS (United States), which seems like it should be F.  I tried changing to British Imperial, restarting the node and admin console, and still the same.  Changed back to US and still the same.  I have it set to F on the sensibo app, and the "set temp" it displays is what is set in the app (in F).  But the current temp displays in C and if I change the temp in ISY I am only allowed a range of C temps and all of them are well below the F temp you might want and so if I set it to say 25, the unit actually gets set to 61F (the lowest value).

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I seem to remember that - only Celcius in PG2. I used to convert F to C to set them when I used PG2.


With PG3, Farenheit works fine. Here's a screenshot of a program I use when the A/C is on. As you can see I'm able to use F.



Here's what the main panel for the Sensibo looks like. You can see there that both C & F are in the dropdown list.


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