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Network Issues (ID-TEN-T error)


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I apologize if this is a stupid question, but . . . 

I replaced a dying router with Eero Mesh router.  (I don't know much about networking).  Since then, my ISY has been generating a lot of errors.

I am getting the following errors in the error log:

- 5011 (Process Device State Change SID not found)

- 5012 (UPNP Subscriber NOREPLY to event 1)

I'm not very good at networks, does anybody have a suggestion?

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I tried some ASUS mesh routers and my system worked much better without any mesh nonsense. I found it just a way to reduce the signal levels so more units could exist in a crowded neighborhood. My working well single unit reduced it's signal levels down to barely reach across a 20 feet wide room to my wife's iPad, once it was told it was a node in a mesh system.

Mesh systems not using hard connections between units are just repeaters that typically use a third frequency for a back channel. If not a more recent and top-end router they made just repeat the received WiFi packet on the same band, slowing down responses and confusing many devices with their switching nonsense. Most devices do not tolerate switching routers well when placed in a "could go either way" zone. With years of router troubles many forums claim that the Eero Mesh system was one of the worst.  Just opinions and things change frequently these days.

My son has a big home and installed one of these several $K systems only to find constant disconnects, some bands not available on certain floors and my laptop on 5GHz working great on the top floor, totally locked itself out on the main floor, until I power cycled his middle floor mesh router. I found my old Netgear dumb router outperformed every mesh system I have experienced. You cannot beat a single high powered router with a well placed antenna position. Keep it high and out of hard corners.

Another thing I found with some was, pushing two high powered signals out of one antenna can saturate the capabilty of that/those antennae systems. Try turning your signal levels down on one band, the other band,  and then both and see if it makes a difference.

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