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Viewing notifications triggers endless requests to reboot

Steve L

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UD Mobile 11.36

For several days now, anytime I try to view notifications I get this:


it doesn’t matter how many times I reboot, the message is the same. It also stopped delivering notifications on November 5. I have tried a refresh, no help. 

Unfortunately I am away from home for two weeks and don’t have access to the admin interface, just UD mobile. 

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If I recall correctly PG3 version 3.2.4 had a bug, and the only way to fix was firmware upgrade.  This may also be the cause of missed notifications.

We recommend being on location for firmware upgrades, in case a hard power cycle is needed. However UD Mobile will not stop you from upgrading firmware on a remote connection.

If you have access to a PC, the Admin Console can be used with Portal at a remote location. 

Currently remote access to PG3 can only be done from UD Mobile. However this error will likely prevent the connection.

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If needed you can trigger the program (Run Then) to test the notifications.  Status values may not be present in the test notification as it was not triggered by status change.  To do this click the notification from the list, then click the program icon (Document with chevrons) at the top, then Run Then.

If the test notifications do not work please verify the Notification Node Server is at the latest version and is started. Started parameter is displayed in Node Server Information section.  Go to Admin > Plugins > Notification.

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