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Elk Failed Connection Notifications on Mobile App


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I recently started receiving notifications on my UDI Mobile App showing "ELK (1): Failed from PG3" followed (usually within a minute) by "ELK (1): Connected from PG3".

These notifications are at least daily and sometimes multiple times per day. I turned off the sound for notifications due to the frequency of the notifications. I don't recall this happening in the past and it seems to have started within the past month I'm guessing. I just thought it was an aberration and would go away on its own.

In terms of troubleshooting, I'm stumped. I have my cable modem, router and ISY on an uninterruptible power supply. There is no evidence of a bad internet connection at the failure times on either my cable modem or router logs. My Elk alarm panel gave a system battery error last week but I replaced the system 12V 8AH battery within a few days and continued to recieve these notifications both before and after the battery replacement. There are no other causal factors I can tie to this other than the notification behavior seems completely random.

Any ideas?

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4 minutes ago, Jimbo.Automates said:

@bmercier updated a couple days ago and that has resolved my issue so far.

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I'm still having issues, as late as this afternoon. This was after installing another Python Interface update this morning.

@bmercier is aware of this and has been working on a solution. I sent him additional log information this afternoon.

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