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Random On Events not appearing in logs - again


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I had a thread titled as above without the again a few months ago.  Below is the last post I made in that thread.  Unfortunately after several months of quiet, I'm seeing a handful of devices (same devices each time and same as in the past events) turn on randomly.  The devices are not in any common scene except my good night scene which has many more devices.  Any thoughts again?


So, it has subsided, but my solution/answer is not straightforward.  I first tried restoring from IOP the links on all devices that would turn on.  That did not solve the issue.  I also went through all my programs looking for situations where an "on event" on a device would trigger an "on event" for a scene in which the device was a member as this was a known cause.  I either eliminated those situations or put a substantial (several second) delay before executing the scene on.  This also did not resolve for me.  I note these 2 solutions appear to have helped others.  Finally, knowing that the devices that the devices impacted appeared to be older and likely had an "all on" bit in their code, I would take on or two off the network (air gap or unplug) at a time and see if that would stop it.  Doing this, I found a couple of old devices that would not air gap or would not take a restore device.  I changed these out and have not had an occurrence since.  Cost me replacing about 5 devices that appeared to be working fine, but stability is king.

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Did you troubleshoot based on the previous post? How old are the devices that are turning on? Did you read the information @Techman provided about the (old) Insteon "All On" issue?

Please advise:

  • What ISY device are you using?
  • What is your firmware?
  • Have you factory reset and restored devices that have randomly turned on?
  • How old is your PLM?

Are any of the 5 devices you changed now turning on? Or are you seeing this on different devices that you haven't replaced? 



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Hi Geddy,

Thanks for the reply!!

Yes, I did follow the troubleshooting in the last post and addressed all the programs by either eliminating the condition or putting a delay of several seconds at the start of the then or else statements.  Also, I con confirm that the event often occurs when no program has executed for several minutes prior.  Most of the devices turning on are older, there are one or two newly replaced ones also affected.

In response to the questions:

  • What ISY device are you using? Polisy
  • What is your firmware? 5.7.0. Was happening on prior also
  • Have you factory reset and restored devices that have randomly turned on? Not again since it started to recur 
  • How old is your PLM? Changed as part of troubleshooting in the spring. 

Thanks again! 


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Insteon, especially older devices, are not very reliable.

If you tell us how old some of the devices are by providing first digit of Insteon ID, or revision number then that could help figure out. If they are very old chances are good that you have many of them failing. However, I have never experienced any of mine turning on, but other symptoms would be unresponsive, not turning on, communication errors.. .things like that.

How many Inseon devices do you have anyways?


You can also try pulling PLM off network for a day or so and see if that resolves, if still continues to turn on then you know it is nothing to do with polisy and PLM.




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image.thumb.png.7ea1171eb0bc2dfee673a85ca50300c2.pngAbove is a quick inventory from the st-inventory plug in. 

seems like the address of most devices having the issue begin with 1, 2 or 3.  Note they always all go on at the same time. The are no response or comm issues with them. Also the status change does not hit iox unless the next time the device is queried. 

thanks for taking time to try to help

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