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Clear Queued Messages


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I have Elk speak a you have mail message when our mailbox door is opened and the Elk system is not armed, but only during daytime hours.

What I am finding is if the mailbox door is opened while my Elk system is armed, or outside of daytime hours, the you have mail message is queued and spoken when all of the conditions are true. 

I'm looking for away to prevent the system from saving and speaking the message at a later date.

Any thoughts on how this can be accomplished?

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12 minutes ago, Jimbo.Automates said:

Sorry, I'm not understanding. If the message is only sent during the day or when the system is not armed then what is putting it in the queue?

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That is what I am trying to understand. 

I just did a reboot, maybe that will clear it up.

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Added reboot info.
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