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Eisy Gone Offline - Need Help

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I was trying to set up a notification through the UD Mobile app this morning and I got these Notifications (See attached).  I did not request an upgrade so I don't know why it happened or what was upgraded.  My Eisy will now not come online.  I can still log into the admin console and turn on/off devices but UD Mobile and the ISY Portal think it's offline. I have completely rebooted more than once by removing the power and plugging in again. My Eisy is plugged into an ethernet switch. I have also moved it to a different port on the switch.  Help please.



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I ran across this post because I am having the same issue - my eISY went offline last night.  It was initially still showing in my local network but could not reach the UDI portal.  I rebooted and now it won't even show up as attached to my router.  I tried the button clicks to reset network, reboot (several times now) and still no luck, it is not attaching to my router.  Not sure what else to try except a full reset.  I'll wait to see if maybe it clears up but I am not hopeful.  

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I also have two eISYs at two locations.  One is still showing online with the portal so I don't think this is a portal issue.  I worry that this might be an update issue.  I also saw a brief message that an upgrade was in process before all of this happened.

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12 minutes ago, Geddy said:

@Kentinada and others this looks to have been a Portal issue. Should be resolved based on @bmercier post.


Hi Geddy,

This was not a portal issue. The infrastructure was up all the time, and over 6000 units never lost their connection. There has been no changes on portal, no reboot, no lack of resources, nothing. Some units just disconnected and reconnected later.

Something happened on the internet between some customers and the portal infrastructure.

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2 minutes ago, Kentinada said:

I am still offline.  Do I need to reboot to get back online or should I go online automatically?

It should be automatic. The unit retries to connect every minutes or so.

You must have another problem going on as we have pretty much the same number of units connected as before.

So perhaps in your case you should try a reboot.

If this does not come up, please open a ticket, reference this thread, let me know your uuid, and attach your error log. 

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