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why can't i write updates to a keypad


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I looks like you may have "Factory Reset" your KPL (erased the link table) and then performed a query.  If that is the case, the device is responding with errors and NAK's (negative acknowledges) because it is an I2CS device and is not longer linked to your PLM.

I factory reset one of my Test KPL's and got a very similar response.  One curious difference is that my ISY994 is using the I2CS protocol to talk to the device.  Your log does not show the "CS" (using I2 protocol).  That may be a simple difference in presentation (not sure what system you are using).

Normally this would be rectified by simply "restoring" the device from the admin console.



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interesting - a query to the keypad would take it back to outstanding writes status

the restore fails for button a and i get the red exclamation mark for that button but the writes continue and eventually completes

a query on the dimmers never work - and a reatore on the dimmer shows this


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11 minutes ago, RPerrault said:

using the eisy - 5.7.1

that worked for two keypads i had with outstanding writes - thanks

still have 3 dimmers (all in a 3-way scene) that cannot be queried 



You are not communicating with this device.  The ISY is retrying the query after a timeout.  Note - the PLM also retries XX times between each of these commands (invisible to the ISY).

You're having severe communication issues to this location.  Any new devices hanging on your powerline (i.e. Christmas decorations)?


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14 minutes ago, RPerrault said:

query on one


That's a classic no-response from a device.  The ISY tried to query the device 3 times and received nothing back.

Below is and an example of a correct response vs timeout. 

Your device address (42.D7.A8) indicates that the dimmer is reasonably new (V.45 firmware).  It's newer than most of the devices I am using.  Unlikely that 3 devices on the same circuit would suddenly all develop problems.

If your equipment closet is on the same circuit as the dimmers, you may want to consider filtering devices.



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