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EISY and Motion Sensor 2


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I can get all the nodes to work except:

-Motion Enable (not motion sense)- won't stay on

-Tamper will not report anything

-Low Battery - sometimes works. but cannot replicate getting a response

-Summary/Battery Level (%) - sometimes works but cannot replicate.

So I press set to get green light flashing the query each node.  They all populate except these 4.  And the bottom 2 on the list populate randomly - Not sure what I am doing to make them come on.

No help in insteon manual.  Did a search here and didn't see any relevant info.



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@JSchumann glad you got it connected. There have been several posts about not getting it to connect and not much follow up to give clues how to make it successfully connect.

As for the missing part for low battery not sure.

It might be best to open a support ticket to see if there's something wrong with the way the MS2 is being added to IoX these days.


I do not run any motion sensors so cannot comment further on things to try. 

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