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Read the firmware version of a Z-Wave device?

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Hi, I have experience with Zooz, but not Aeotec, though I suspect this may be the same or very similar.

Go to X-Ray for the device and select DH Command Classes, then hit Go. A lot of data will come back, but look for a section called:

Command Class 134 0x86 VERSION

Within that section look for two values:



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3 hours ago, Techman said:

It's the same display for Aeotec.  In this screen shot the Aeotec firmware version is 1.10

Thank you both!  As I suspected, at 2.16, it's not current.  I have the .otz file (ZWA005_TriSensor_US_V2.21.otz) and will try again to upload it via the contextual menu item Z-Wave/OTA Upgrade (despite the dire warnings; it didn't work the last time but didn't seem to do any damage either).

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TriSensor ZWA005-A V2.17, Eisy 5.8.0

I have successfully updated one TriSensor to v2.21.  Following the same procedure, when I attempted to update the second one from v2.16 to v2.21, the update appeared to have completed fully and correctly (Eisy said so, and it took 20 minutes!).  After repowering the TriSensor and rebooting the Eisy, checking command class 134 says that I’m still on v2.16:

Integer  DATA devices.15.instances.0.commandClasses.134.data.applicationMajor = 2 (0x00000002)
Integer  DATA devices.15.instances.0.commandClasses.134.data.applicationMinor = 16 (0x00000010)

What am I missing?

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You might try moving the sensor closer to the Eisy and then try the update again. If it then still shows 2.16 you could try doing a factory reset on the device and then a firmware update.

Being that you've successfully updated one of them you're update process is correct.

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Thanks, I guess I'll try yet again, though it's working okay.  The device was always within 3-4 feet of the Eisy, but I didn't factory-reset it.

Twice the updates hung, and after 45 minutes I aborted the updates (despite dire warnings).  It drives me nuts when I follow the same procedure but get different results. The thought that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" comes to mind…the update isn't all that compelling.

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