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How do I keep or access the Event Viewer Log without leaving the Admin Console running 24/7?


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Hi All,

  Recently @Geddy told me that I should not leave the Admin Console running for long periods or overnight. However, I know of no other way to keep the Event Viewer Log running so that I can go back later and look for issues at certain times. 
   Are there other methods? 
   I have several weird issues happening for the last few months that I'm trying to trace ie random objects turning on or off when they shouldn't be. Any other thoughts on traceability would be appreciated. 



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I don't know of a way to view the activity or error logs except via the admin console, which, as Geddy has said, should not be left open for long periods.

If the issue is always with the same device(s) then you should factory reset the device and then do a restore device.

A device that is failing can also cause the issue.

Also take a look at this link

INSTEON Random All On Events - Universal Devices, Inc. Wiki (universal-devices.com)

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