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Polisy Failure?

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I could use a little help. Recently, my Polisy Pro went off-line. We have spokens via Google set up, and our first clue was that they quit working. I've dealt with loss of connection a few times in the past, and it's always been resolved by a simple restart of the IOX. When doing so I keep an eye on connection status on the ISY console at my.isy.io.

On this occasion the result on the console was a series of error messages about PG3 not being authorized and failure to log in. Unfortunately, since I didn't expect a problem reconnecting, I did not capture the messages. I also discovered I had absolutely no connection to Insteon devices, PLM, or my.isy.io from Polisy, although it did respond to network pings.

Troubleshooting revealed:

  • Polisy does NOT seem to be communicating with either my existing PLM or with a backup PLM. Both of which were verified to be communicating normally and capable of adding and operating devices when tested with my old ISY-994. It reports / Not Connected
  • Reloading Polisy from an image file after reformatting its drive resulted in re-establishing Internet connectivity and in Polisy upgrading to the current release. I cleared Java caches and got the latest JNLPs. I can reliably connect to Polisy locally, now. However, I can only intermittently connect to my.isy.io for a short period after a reboot of Polisy. Most attempts result in only a blank page at my.isy.io/index.htm.
  • Attempting to do anything with PG3 results in nothing but a black page saying Loading... and nothing further.
  • The serial cable between Polisy and the PLM seems to be good, I have continuity on the wired pins.
  • Rebooting Polisy appears to happen correctly, if I simply pull power and plug it back in, but I cannot perform any operation via the little front panel button.
  • Any attempt to recover via the replace PLM procedure seems to work, at first, and runs through the "Restore Devices" just fine. Then shows a message saying Reset PLM in the Administration Console's Event Viewer, at which point it starts looping through a System Busy display slowly reaching 100% over and over. Even left overnight it never again outputs a single message in the Event Viewer.

So... Polisy Pro failure? Something else? I'm out of troubleshooting ideas.

I might add that this same device suffered a power supply failure back on 6/11 with which Michel Kohanim kindly assisted me, but seemed to have performed just fine until last Friday at about 11PM. 



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Hi Techman,


Thanks for the response. Here's more detail:

Check all three boxes? No, because I'm on Fedora 40, not Windows. (Sorry, I forgot to mention that) There are some differences. :-) Easiest cache clear on Fedora is to just nuke the cache.

Yes, the new IOX Launcher was downloaded via start.jnlp

Yes, the Replace PLM procedure was followed. Noted in last bullet point in my original post.

I definitely appreciate the "sanity check"! It's always good to have someone else providing reminders. FYI, for what it's worth: my profile indicates "newbie" because I rarely post. But I've been using UDI ISY, then ISY994i, then Polisy since about 2012.

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