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Proper Implementation of an ISY


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I have recently installed a new ISY in a home that had a bunch of previously installed Insteon devices, some of which had already been linked to each other via manual Insteon device linking. Of course, not all of the links show up in the Administrative Console. From reading and re-reading the documentation for the ISY I have come across the Note on Page 25 that says to avoid creating links manually and to instead create the links through the ISY. My question is, is there a way after the devices have been added to the ISY, within the ISY's Administrative Console, the get rid of all of these manually created links? Or do I have to go around to each device and manually unlink the device?

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You could delete all of the devices from the admin console then add them back selecting "Remove Existing Links". You still have to rebuild everything from scratch but this "should" clear all the old links. If I was doing this, I would factory reset all of the devices before adding them back to be sure that there are no garbage links left.


When we moved into our new home last fall, I went through this process with all of the gear I pulled from the old home. As I installed each device, I did a factory reset then added it to the ISY (which I factory reset first). This way everything was like new with no phantom links or X10 stuff to worry about.



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When you added these to the ISY, what option (keep links, remove links, add related devices) did you choose?


I would follow the advice suggested by Xathros. Having said this, when adding a new device, one has the option to keep existing links and add linked devices. You may find this approach more appealing, but I would be concerned about the 'garbage' about which Xathros speaks. Both approaches require you to first remove the devices from the ISY-99, then re-add them.


I am not aware of a way to pull link data from a device, once it has been added to the ISY.

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