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New port forwarding number?


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My 99i comes with the ports 80/443 already set. However, I already have a camera system on 80/9000. Can I change the 80 to another port. I tried 50/443 and it wouldnt work. Any ideas on what port I should pick so both the camera and the 99i can work on the same network?


Thanks in advance for your help

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You can change it to whatever port number you want but you will need to add the port number after the ip address if not using the 80/443 default. For example if you change it to port #999 you would do like this to log in:




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Ports 80 and 443 are the defaults for web server devices. Port 80 for http and 443 for secure https. If you change the 80/443 to 50/443, you could still access the ISY using https without needing to also specify a port # since the secure port is still using the default of 443.




In either case, replace the IP address with that of your ISY.



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