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Can't access log from Admin Console version 3.2.6


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I know there have been threads here on Excel problems.

You may want to try some searching and maybe find information.

I vaguely remember some Excel versions looking in the wrong default folder for the log files in Excel format.

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I tried the log with the Excel choice.


Excel 97:

Compile Error



Latest Microsoft Excel Viewer: I think it is 2007 version but was put into a 2012 folder in Office.

Blank Spreadsheet.


Libre Office Calc:

Basic runtime error '423' Open text

Workbooks.Opentext File Name= "UDReport.txt",

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I've had pretty good results with my copy of Excel 2003 up til now. This morning, attempting to access Log - Tools, Log, etc. thru Admin Console, I reached the usual notice that file users\bi\appdata\local\temp\ud.xls contains macros. I enabled macros and got Log. With info.

Second attempt using same proceedure I reached "could not open the Excel Macro C:\users\bi\appdata\local\temp\UDReport.txt". No access further. Closing and restarting UDI, trying to access Log, takes me to same message. I have operated on ver.3.2.6 and previous versions with no problem. Can't think of recent change to computer or system that could have caused this.

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The viewer gives no Macro enable message.

The other two do and I say yes and then get the macro errors or file errors.

Since it never worked for me and I just thought 97 was too old. This was only a test to see if I could provide any help.

I always used the log in text format anyway.

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