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How to find the Address of a battery operated device-Solved


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All --

I just wanted to post this just in case some else finds themselves in the same quandary. I had a TriggerLinc (2421) that I purchased a few months ago but never added into my network. SO stupidly I apply the double face tape to the rear of the TriggerLinc without noting the device's address (Personally, I think the any device's address for any device should not be located in any surface that will be potentially covered with double faced tape but that is a discussion for another day). when I tried taking off the tape after realizing my error but the Address label was stuck to the tape and all efforts to retrieve the address were fruitless.


So I tried linking the TriggerLinc by using the Auto linking (Start Linking) feature under the Link Management item in the ISY Admin Console but no luck. So I am racking my brain trying to figure out and I remembered that I can query a Device's link table (Tools --> Diagnostics) by using the ISY Admin Console. So I simply linked the TriggerLinc to a LampLinc Module that had no other linked devices and viola I found the address.


Needless to say my SOP will be to record the Device's address in some other location on the device other than any surfaces that could potentially be covered for any reason.


I hope this solution maybe helpful to some else in the future.

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