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Program Stops Working


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Hi -


I've had several experiences of programs that just stop working. I will run the if statement manually and the condition will not resolve to "true". The program will begin working again if I simply go to the "if" statement, select each condition, click on update, and then save the program.


This is not happening en mass but only for some programs here and there. I believe this also happens with the "then" statements sometimes but haven't a recent example.


What could cause this?


Could something like renaming devices or renaming programs be causing this?



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I attached the program and the folder it resides in:



Folder 'pf Office1 Sunset-Sunrise On f'


       Program 'p Office9 Motion Timer Enable' is True
   And From    Sunset 
       To      Sunrise (next day)

  Allow the programs in this folder to run.


Program 'p Office2 Sunset-Sunrise MS On'


       Control 'ms Office-Sensor' is switched On

       Set Scene 'sf Office / sc Office Lamp' On
       Wait  8 minutes 
       Set Scene 'sf Office / sc Office Lamp' Off
       Stop program 'p Office9 Off 2 Hr'

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')





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Program 'p Office9 Motion Timer Enable' is True

What is this programs' conditions?


I don't see anything here obvious, but there are still a few unkowns in my mind. The thing I would be looking for is something in one of these programs ('p Office2 Sunset-Sunrise MS On', or 'p Office9 Off 2 Hr') which causes your folder condition (Program 'p Office9 Motion Timer Enable' is True) to turn false. Since these programs are not posted, I am only speculating.

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Hi Steve,


As oberkc observed, it's very difficult to debug without knowing the conditions.


My recommendation is to remove the condition on the folder and see if - at the least - you get consistent results. I suspect the folder condition turns false somehow.


Also, another approach is to look at the Program Summary tab when this happens and note the status of the programs/folders. An, also, you could use email notifications for cases where something should've happened but didn't.


With kind regards,


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