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Remote Access And DDNS Problems


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So I am hoping to get some help with a remote access problem. I was having problems remotely connecting (I am using MobiLinc) and determined with was due to not having a static IP.

Next I set up a DDNS and configured my router to update the IP address automatically.

I have port forwarding (secure port 443) set up as well.


I can connect locally to my https://hostname.zapto.org ddns account and login into my isy without any problems, but when I try to pull this up remotely I get a website not available error.


I'm not sure what I have missed, but obviously I have missed something. And if this helps, I am using a D-Link dir-655 router.


Thanks for any help,


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So I just tried that too. From my local network, I can use the WAN IP without any problems, but off the local network, it still won't work.


I don't know if this matters, but my WAN IP address of your router is 192.168.x.xx -- though the last string of numbers is different from my LAN IP address.


And I don't know if this matters, but I use AT&T DSL internet. I'm starting to wonder if it is something with my ISP.


Do I need to do something with my actual dsl modem and not just the router?

I read something about configuring modems to share the public ip address with a router, and also something about setting the modem to bridge mode (and the router internet connection type to pppoe). Am I on to something, or just getting more confused?


Thanks for the help so far. What should I try next?


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An IP address that starts with 192.168.x.x is not an external IP address. There are literally hundreds of thousands of users with devices that carry 192.168.x.x. They are IP addresses relative only to the local network. Log on to the Modem rather than the router. The WAN address of the modem is the IP address to access from the outside world. My ISP provides a modem/router combination. When logging into the router it is actually logging into the modem so the WAN address is the outside IP address. I did not look back through all the old posts (my error). For the router to present a WAN address of 192.168.x.x it must be a separate box from the modem. From the routers perspective it is a WAN address as it is what the router talks to when talking to the device above it. However, that cannot be a WAN address relative to the external internet.

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Your DSL modem is doing NAT translation as well as your router. Log into the Modem and place your routers WAN address in the DMZ of the modem. Make sure you have forwarded port 443 in the router to the ISY.



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When I got DSL at my lake house I had to have them change the DSL modem to bridge mode so my wireless router could do the work. Then I could set up a host name at dyndns.org and port forward to my ISY. Doing all of that was pretty painless. I doubt they would have given me access to the modem. That is probably your best bet too.

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Thanks to all of you for the help. Sorry for the delay in posting. I have been busy with some other projects around the house, working on a doctorate, changing jobs, etc. That's life though.

But I got it working and it was a matter of putting the modem is bridge mode. DDNS is all working, and router seems to be getting the correct info. Now I can access my ISY and insteon system remotely!

Thanks again to everyone for the help.

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