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I/O Linc Relay status for garage door


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I have two garage doors, both hooked up exactly the same way with the I/OLInc and garage door kit.


IT has been a while, but I'm pretty sure I remember wiring both using the red and black wires (not black and green wires) from the sensor.


I just noticed today that for one of my garagedoors, when it is closed, the relay (and sensor) status are off. When open, both are on. However, for my other garage door, the relay is ON and sensor is OFF when the door is closed. Why the discrepancy and how do I fix it?



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The Relay status has no relevance. For a garage application the I/O Linc Relay is in momentary mode. The Relay is On for a few seconds to initiate door movement, then turned Off automatically by the momentary mode timeout. The Relay is a Responder Only so it does not report back that it has been turned Off automatically.


For the Relay to show Off something has sent an Off command to the Relay. It makes no difference to the operation of the I/O Linc Relay as it is physically Off anyway but look for something in a Program that is issuing an Off command. Or a Scene is sending an Off command which can turn the Relay On for a few seconds depending on which momentary mode is defined. See the I/O Linc User Guide for the characteristics of the three momentary modes. The various command responses are associated with Scene On/Off only. An Insteon Direct command always turns the Relay On and an Off command always turns the Relay Off (normally a no-op as the Relay is normally Off).

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Why the discrepancy and how do I fix it?


To expand upon LeeGs response, one way that these relays may get out of sync is if you issued an insteon command to one, but operated the other via the mechanical button or remote.


This relay status, by itself, does not necessarily represent a problem or even an indication of anything amiss. If your system is otherwise working as you expect, no need to spend any more time on this.

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